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VEJA and Rick Owens Collaboration

Product Details:

- Upper in C.W.L. (organic cotton coated with a resin from corn starch & ricinus oil)
- Panels in vegan suede & T.P.U. details
- Side V Logo in Rubber & rice waste (22%)
- Outsole is at 53% bio-based (24% Amazonian rubber, 29% rice waste)
- Midsole made from 54% sugar cane
- Insole is bio-based & recycled at 75% (52% sugar cane, 23% recycled polyester)
- Cushion insert L-Foam (30% natural latex, 70% synthetic latex)
- Lining in recycled polyester
- Laces in 100% organic cotton

The C.W.L. (Cotton Worked as Leather) is a vegan alternative to leather. A 100% organic cotton canvas, coated with P.U., corn starch and ricinus oil. 54% bio-based. Made in Brazil.

The Vegan Suede is Coming from the State of São Paulo in Jacareí, is a 100% vegan synthetic textile and an alternative to animal-produced suede. It is a nonwoven fabric made of microfibers that are needle-punched together and impregnated with P.U. resin. This solvent-free process is less toxic than the ones used to produce classic synthetics suedes.

The L-Foam is the VEJA Running technology. Made out of 30% natural latex and 70% synthetic latex, the cushioning insert brings comfort and protection against vibrations (30% natural latex, 70% synthetic latex). Made in Brazil.

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